ࡱ> @B=>?7 XWbjbjUU lx7|7|oQ%l$MMMP N$0NTRR"RRRWXDX$ XXWWXXhRRhhhX Rf8RhXhhdiR06j RR Pwz:MbbbTv401TeR1vhSHORT RESETTLEMENT PLAN Background The Ministry of Railways (MoR) of Government of India, with the funding from Asian Development Bank (ADB) is implementing the Railway Sector Improvement Project, which includes construction and doubling of rail lines under various railway zones in the country. India Railway Sector Improvement Project. Rail Vikas Nigam Limited (RVNL), a Special Purpose Vehicle, whose creation was approved by the Government of India is responsible for development, financial resource mobilization and implementation of projects. Project Description and Impacts The Rajatpur to Barang railway line stretches over 27.788 km in the state Orissa. Major part of the rail line section is in Cuttack district of Orissa. At present, Rajatgarh to Barang has single line 25 kms in length. It is proposed to double this line to meet the increasing demand of traffic. Rajatgarh Barang single line section is part of Talcher- Rajatgarh Barang single section (98 km) which joins Howrah Madras East coast main line at Barang. The Eastern Railway has proposed the doubling of an important section between Rajatgarh and Barang with the main objective to give connection to Talcher coalfields with Howrah Madras main line. The present single line is mainly used for movement of coal. Therefore, with the proposed doubling Rajatgarh and Barang, the complete section will be double guage and can cater to increasing demand. Most of the railway improvement work will be carried out within existing right of way, except for strip acquisition (8.75 acre) of privately owned land presently being used for agricultural purposes. The study covered 17.33 m width required to establish a corridor of impact. All the structures and land within this width were examined and a census of the project affected persons (APs) and an assets inventory was carried out. In addition, a socioeconomic survey simultaneously with the census and assets inventory and public consultations have been carried out for all those affected. The Short Resettlement Plan (SRP) addresses the impact and outlines the measures, including resettlement of the affected persons in accordance with ADBs Policy on Involuntary Resettlement (1995). Objectives of the RP This Short RP is designed to address all the limited impacts of the project. It provides an analysis of the impacts, identifies the nature and types of losses, and establishes an entitlement matrix as a guide to payments of compensation and resettlement benefits. It also contains a budget, institutional arrangement for implementing the SRP, implementation framework and monitoring arrangements. This has been detailed in the following sections of the report. 4. Surveys and Data Analysis A. Land Acquisition and Resettlement Impact As indicated earlier, the investigations and surveys were conducted within a 17.33 m width of the proposed railway line and the social impacts are presented in a series of tables below. Table 1: Project Impacts Type of ImpactLocationNo. of HHNo. of APsDisplacementLoss of agricultural land Village Belda 1 5 No displacement s only land is affectedVillage Machupur 1252No displacement s only land is affectedVillage Gantikal725No displacement s only land is affectedLoss of treesVillage Ramdaspur --15 trees affected in Ramdaspur Village Gantikal--5 trees are affected in GantikalSquatters No structure is being affected - -No compensation is needed Total2082 There are total 20 affected household in the project affected area. Out of 20 affected household 12 PAPs are located in the village Machupur while 1 PAPs is in Belda village and 7 project affected household in village Gantikal. Of the 12 affected households in village Machhpur 4 are women headed household. All the 20 affected households are losing only their agriculture land amounting to 8.75 acre. The compensation to the affected family will be given based on the circle rate applicable for each village (as per the entitlement matrix). Table 2: Extent of Impact on Agricultural Land Total land holdingExtent of loss by affected households<10%10-30%30-50%< 2 acre9562 3 acreNANANATotal956All the affected person is losing agricultural land and have an average land holding size of less than 2 acre. Out of 20 households, 9 affected household is losing less than 10% of the total land holding while 5 affected family is losing land between 10-30% while 6 are losing land between 30-50 % of the total land holding. The details of land holding is given in Annex 1. All the 20 households losing agricultural lands are legal titleholders. There are no squatter households who will be affected. The total loss of tress in the project area is 20 and it lies in 2 village namely Ramdaspur and Gantikal. In Ramdaspur, 15 trees is affected in the project area while in Gantikal village 5 trees lies in the project area. As per the survey done by the DMT team the cost per tree has been estimated to Rs. 500 per tree. The estimate of the tree has been estimated taking into consideration the prevalent market rate in the area. B. Occupational Profile and Income Levels All the 20 project affected people are involved in agriculture and related activity to enhance their family income including the women headed households. The monthly income of the affected households ranges from Rs 3,000 Rs 6,000 per month. Out of the 20 PAPs, 4 PAPs are women headed household while other 16 are male headed households. The women headed households are only losing land and no residential or commercial structure is being affected. In all the 4 WHH affected household the affected land holding is between 10-30%. The women household will be eligible for vulnerable assistance also, i.e. Rs 5,000/- per women affected household according to the entitlement matrix. None of the remaining households fall under any vulnerable category, i.e., BPL, SC, ST or disabled/elderly. The 20 affected households were consulted on their compensation options. All the affected households opted for cost compensation for their agricultural land and trees as they were suffering partial impacts. The vulnerable WHH will also receive additional assistance of Rs 5,000 enabling them to re-establish their livelihood. The affected households indicated that they would utilize the compensation money to buy land in the their village or adjoining village as they want to be involved in the agriculture activity only. The project affected person dont want o get involved in other activity as they have involved in agriculture related activity for a long time. None of the households will be displaced as a result of land acquisition. All the affected household will be also provided during the upgradation of skill. The affected households will be given preference in construction activities of the project. The training imparted will be essentially of two types: a technical training relevant for jobs and the other for non-land and land based self-employment and skill development schemes. The policy is devised under the following parameters: Eligible APs will get training assistance; APs will have the right to participate in institutional form of training at existing institutions facilitated by NGO; APs will have the right to transfer his/her training entitlement to his/her immediate family member if the EP desires to do so. The nodal NGO will coordinate the process; APs will request the RVNL for participation in a particular training in consultation with the NGO. The RVNL will approve and pay the training institution directly and the cost will be deducted from the APs training entitlement; Eligibility criteria for training will feature on the ID card; and On completion of training APs will receive an introductory letter/certificate from the RVNL. This will assist the APs in approaching the bank for loans to start micro enterprises. Policy Framework and Entitlement Matrix In India, the Land Acquisition Act of 1894 governs the land acquisition process. In accordance with Act of 1894, the legal process for land acquisition will be initiated by SPV to the District Collector (DC) of the respective district. However, the Land Acquisition Act of 1894 policies do not address social and economic impacts of land acquisition and resettlement. ADB policy requires (i) avoidance or minimization of impacts where possible; (ii) consultation with affected people in project planning and implementation, including disclosure of resettlement plan (RP) and project-related information; (iii) payment of compensation for acquired assets at the replacement value; (iv) resettlement assistance to affected people, including non-titled persons (e.g., informal dwellers/squatters, and encroachers; (v) special attention to vulnerable people and/groups; and (vi) an income restoration and rehabilitation program. This Policy framework reflects the borrowers land acquisition laws and regulations and ADBs policy on involuntary resettlement and other social safeguard guidelines. It stipulates eligibility and provisions for all types of losses of land, crops/trees, and workdays. Since land for land may not be a feasible option, the affected persons will be compensated at full replacement cost. Affected households to be compensated by the DC, following the Act of 1894, for lost assets will receive additional cash grants and other resettlement assistance such as a skill training and additional assistance to vulnerable groups. Table 3 presents a general entitlement matrix that would apply to this sub-project based on specific project impacts. Table 3. Resettlement Entitlement Matrix Type of LossLocationDefinition of APsEntitlementEntitled1.Loss of agricultural type of land by ownersLand on the project right-of-way(i) Legal owners, and (ii) APs with traditional land rights.Cash compensation based on circle rate under GOI Land Acquisition Law and state policies to be paid by DC (a) Refund of registration cost, stamps etc. incurred for replacement land to be paid by the project; (i) replacement land must be bought within a year from the date of DC payments; and (ii) the registration cost to be paid will be on the amount received from DC.Replacement of agricultural land or the value to the APs 2.Loss of trees, crops, perennialsStanding crops, trees on ROW land (e)Owners & beneficiaries of land.Compensation to be paid by DC at the rate estimated by (i) the Forest Department for timber trees; (ii) State Agriculture Extension Department for crops; (iii) Horticulture Department for perennial trees (f) Compensation for standing crops & trees.3. Loss of income and work daysHouseholds affected by ROWHead of households identified by the DC list and SES (g)Training at Rs2,000 for affected households. Additional cash assistance to vulnerable groups, including femaleheaded households (h) Temporary employment in the project construction work to APs with particular attention to APs below poverty line (BPL) by the project contractor.Subsistence and income in post-displaced period and poverty reduction. Loss of trees, crops and perennials: compensation will be paid at market value. Sharecroppers will be paid at the market value. Assistance to vulnerable: grants will be paid to those below the poverty line, and the vulnerably, including women-headed households, at the rate of Rs5,000 per eligible households. One family member from the affected household will also receive skill training linked to employment opportunities at Rs2,000 per household by the way of rehabilitation. Households identified by census and SES includes squatters/informal settlers and other non-title holders. Loss of residential/commercial structure: shifting allowance will be paid Rs. 1,500 per households people affected will be allowed to salvage materials from their demolished structures; the affected squatters will receive transitional allowance of Rs. 2000 per family lump sum. Includes both title holder and non-title households. Loss of trees, crops and perennials: compensation will be paid at market value. Sharecroppers will be paid at the market value. Households identified by census and SES includes squatters/informal settlers and other non-title holders. Assistance to vulnerable: grants will be paid to those below the poverty line, and the vulnerably, including women-headed households, at the rate of Rs.5,000 per eligible households. One family member from the affected household will also receive skill training linked to employment opportunities at Rs.2,000 per household by the way of rehabilitation. 8. Consultation Meetings, Stakeholder Participation and Grievance Redress The SRP has been prepared and will be implemented in close consultation with the stakeholders. During the preparation, focus group discussions and meetings, particularly with the project-affected people was conducted in all the villages to ascertain their options and choices on compensation / assistance and rehabilitation measures. This SRP will be disclosed to APs in local language(s) through focus group discussions and meetings at the village/community level. Copies of draft SRPs will be available at the local level to stakeholders for local inputs. The consultations and discussions with the project affected people will be a continuing activity throughout the implementation stage of the project. During implementation, the SPV will be assisted in conducting the consultations by the NGO that will be contracted for RP implementation. A summary of the short resettlement plan and the entitlement matrix will be translated into the local language and will be made available in local offices and ADB website. Complaints and grievance procedures has been outlined in the SRP and grievance redress committees (GRCs) will be established for each district with representation from the SPV, APs, women/vulnerable groups, local government, and NGOs. The chief resettlement officer will chair the GRC. Other than disputes relating to ownership rights under the court of law, the GRC will review grievances involving all resettlement benefits, relocation, and other assistance. Grievances will be redressed within 2-4 weeks from the date of lodging the complaint. The NGO will keep the affected people informed about the impacts, the compensation and assistances proposed for them and facilitate addressing any grievances among the project affected people. The APs will participate in all the decisions and implementation of RP. Also, APs will be involved in the Grievance Redress Committee to review and resolve any dispute concerning compensation and other resettlement benefits. Finally, there will be continuous on-site consultation during the implementation stage to ensure that the APs receive their due entitlements/benefits. 9. Implementation Responsibilities and Cost Estimates For this subproject, the RVNL will have overall coordination, planning, implementation and financing responsibilities. The RVNL fully recognizes the complexity of the resettlement element in the Project. Therefore, experienced non-government organizations (NGOs) has been engaged for RP to assist implementation with clearly defined tasks, including community-based social development programs as appropriate. A senior RVNL official at the rank of executive engineer will be appointed as chief resettlement officer to supervise the implementation work. The appointed NGO has opened field offices and is involving affected persons, including women, in the implementation process. RVNL will ensure that the NGO responsible for RP preparation for subproject is aware of the framework and procedures for resettlement planning so that appropriate entitlements and mitigation measures are established in the RP. RVNL will further ensure that resettlement budgets are delivered on time to the DC office and to the implementing NGOs for timely RP implementation. The Land Acquisition and Resettlement activities will be implemented from 15th January 2006 to 14th September 2006 . The estimated cost of land acquisition and resettlement is Rs. 3761976.90 (U$ 83599.48) A detailed break-up of the cost is provided in Table 4. Table 4. Budget ItemsUnitQuantityUnit Rate*Cost in Rs.Agricultural landacre8.75 acre7,82,425Additional land Assistance (Rs) under land acquisition act article 23 (2) @ 30 % extra grantacre8.75 acre2,34,727.5020% Cost of Establishment the Orissa Government 8.75 acre1623430.50StructureNA***NANANAIncome loss for shop ownersNANANANASpecial assistance to vulnerable Household NANANANA****Vulnerable assistance4 WAH** assistance 50002000020 affected family training20004000060000.00Economic rehabilitation (squatters)NANANA00.00Compensation for trees5002010,000.00NGO engagement for 8 monthsLumpsumAlso add other eligible costs7,09,396.00Total3419979.00Contingency 10%341997.90Grand Total3761976.90US Dollars (@ 1 US$ =45 INR)83599.48 * The unit rate varies for each village and so the detailed rate is given below ** Women affected household *** NA Not applicable at the field level **** Details provided in table 5 Village Belda 1 dismil @ Rs. 3000 or 300000 per acre Village Ghantikhal 1 dismil @ Rs. 2250 or 225000 per acre Village Machhapur 1 dismil @ Rs. 1000 or 100000 per acre 100 dismil = I acre 4 dismil = 4 Gunthe 25 Gunthe = 1 acre **** Table 5 Four women headed household is affected Vulnerable AssistanceSanctioned rateAffected personsAmount in Rs.Women @ 5000/- per women headed household4 women headed family20000Skill training@ 2000/- for one family member of affected family20 affected family40000Total 60,000 Monitoring Arrangements RVNL will establish a quarterly monitoring system involving the implementing NGO staff, and prepare progress reports on all aspects of land acquisition/resettlement and social development activities. The monitoring consultants, to be hired by the RVNL in concurrence with ADB, will monitor the implementation of the SRP and will provide ADB with quarterly reports on the status of RP implementation. Annex 1: Details of Land Holding of the Affected Households Village:- BeldaSl. NoName of the ownerKhata No.Plot No.Acquired Area ( in acre.)Compensation Rate in Rs.1Banchha Bahera S/O Hadu Bahera1021390.11 acre33000 Village MachhpurSl. NoName of the ownerKhata No.Plot No.Acquired Area ( in acre)Compensation Rate in Rs.1Mandadhar Swain S/O Bhaiga Swain2243(P) 0.83 acre.83,0002Tapas Ranjan Nayak S/O Rabindra Nath Nayak271060.22 acre.22,0003Smt. Pravati Nayak W/O- Rabindra Nath Nayak41330.36 acre36,000111290.13 acre13,0001420.07 acre7000151090.08 acre80001430.02 dec2000201110.13 acre130001300.04 acre40001450.08 acre8000251400.03 acre30001480.13 acre13000261100.04 acre40001120.01 acre10001140.05 acre50001280.02 acre20001470.01 acre1000361070.01 acre100036/101440.10 acre100004Dhruba Charan Swain S/O Bhaiga Swain 2243 (P) 0.01acre10005Smt. Saraswati Mohanty W/O Bidyut Mohanty 2243 (P) 0.72 acre720006Tusar Kanta Mohanty S/O Krusna Chandra Mohanty 1849 (P)0.12 acre120003451 (P) 0.19 acre190003050 (P) 0.21 acre210002753 (P) 0.17 acre170001452 (P)0.16 acre160007Rani Dei W/ODhaneshwar Mohanty 26147 (P)0.05 acre5008Duryadhan Swain S/O Jayakrusna Swain11149 (P) 0.07 acre7009Dhadi Sutar S/O Uchhab Sutar 341 (P) 0.8 acre800010Jatani Sutar D/O Nata Sutar341 (P)0.08 acre 80011Pravakar Sutar S/O Bula Sutar 341 (P) 0.08 acre 80012Dhadi Sutar S/O Ucab Sutar 21410.09 acre900 Village:- Gantikal Sl. NoName of the ownerKhata No.Plot No.Acquired Area ( in dec.)Compensation Land in Rs.1Pita Biswal S/O Birma Biswal 171 478/1330 0.01 acre2252Bhhola Biswal S/O- Chita Biswal 174490/13240.3 acre67503Punanda Sahoo, Sunanda Sahoo S/O Bhagaban Sahoo 174490/13240.4 acre90004Uchhab Khatua, Jaganath Khatua S/O Bhagaban Khatua 174490/13240.9 acre202505Giridhari Behera S/O Kunja Behera 174490/13240.12 acre2670006Chandramani Sahoo S/O Dasa Sahoo 174490/13240.9 acre202507Achyuta Sahoo S/O Kanduri Sahoo174490/13240.9 acre20250 8.75 acres7,82,425Source : RVNL Bhubneshwer. Village Belda 1 dismil @ Rs. 3000 or 300000 per acre Village Ghantikhal 1 dismil @ Rs. 2250 or 225000 per acre Village Machhapur 1 dismil @ Rs. 1000 or 100000 per acre  The corridor of impact (COI) is the width required for the actual construction of the rail, embankments and necessary safety zones. Within this corridor, there should be no structure or hindrance. The COI is, thus, the area that will be impacted by the proposed project.  The market rate for the trees in the project area is Rs 500 as per the survey done by the project team. The total compensation for the trees work out to be Rs10,000.     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